2001 and beyond

For half a century, Kubricks 2001 inspired countless films, video clips and advertisements, design, painting, architecture and poetry. One part of the exhibition is dedicated to the various works from different art genres – Inspired by 2001.

This site offers an extension: we collect voices on 2001, hilarious finds and highlights of 50 years of the film’s reception as well as projects dealing with the elaborate world ob 2001.

Voices on 2001

We asked filmmakers: Why is 2001 such a thrill?

Jan Harlan, Kubrick’s Executive Producer
Director Volker Schlöndorff
Director Dietrich Brüggemann
Actor Götz Otto
Director Matti Geschonnek
Director Krystof Zlatnik
RP Kahl



Video clips

When HAL gets to sing more than “Daisy”:
Referee to the stargate-sequence:
Lenny Kravitz sings, Michel Gondry directs – quite close to the look of 2001
Rapper Wasiu deals with a mystical monolith

Found Footage

Americas most famous yellow family gets quite close to the original:


What would 2001 look like, if Wes Anderson had directed the film?


The whole odyssey in one minute, built of LEGO-stones: